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Welcome to my inner world of idealism and metaphysical curiosity. You may have noticed that my work displays many windows of star filled backgrounds. This multi dimensional imagery is a way for me to remind myself, and my viewers, that life is larger than the confines of the matter we are able to perceive. Incorporating the skies and the appearance of deterioration I am attempting to show the source, unity and enormity of life's existence, as well as the impermanent sacred beauty of our individual lives.

I have chosen Venus to be my planet of choice because I am a Taurus; ruled by this planet I am captivated by beauty, love, and relationships. The arts are about utilizing all of our finest resources and regurgitating them in a unique and interesting way; exposing the soul of who we are and what we've been through. I find human relationships and painting to be very similar acts of creativity. We receive a vast array of information and respond in the best way we can while trying to express our truest emotions, including fears, joys and all the in-betweens. There are many challenges when one passionately dives into both human relativity and art. To truly practice love, compassion and aesthetics is to boldly face the ugliness and say, "I'm going to love the shit out of you with as many colors as I can until I run out; then I'm going to do it again, and again, and again..."

Venus is a sister to planet Earth. As she orbits, going in and out of retrograde, it is a symbol of trekking trough the underworld of fears, deaths and the unknown only to resurface as a strong, victorious seductress abundant in beauty and material richness. She guides me through the depth of my consciousness and shows me the beauty that accompanies our visceral and turbulent experiences of embodiment. Experiencing art and making it is a way to cope, heal and reflect our deepest and most sacred moments of what it means to BE.